Location - Turtle Beach (Galgibaga)

Shri Kali Ashram is located at Turtle Beach (Colsor), a small, quiet, beach-front area. It is a positive, friendly community of Hindus and Christians coexisting peacefully. The nearby villages subsist mainly on fishing, rice farming, and tourism. Surrounded by forested hills and near one of Goa's largest nature reserves (Cotigao), there is no traffic, and the state and local government are active in protecting Turtle Beach, as it is a nesting ground for sea turtles. The government focuses on litter control, maintaining the cleanliness of the beach and has banned any further development in order to protect the sea turtles and this unspoiled natural paradise.

Turtle Beach has yellow sand and is nearly one kilometer in length, and offers virtually private swimming and sunbathing. The only other beachgoers are local families enjoying the sunset or early morning fisherman casting their nets from the shore. The weather in Galgibaga is optimal for yoga, hovering around 30°C / 80°F year-round, without the sweltering summers and chilly winters of northern India. Several outdoor beach cafes offer both western and eastern food. In addition to yoga, visitors to Galgibaga enjoy swimming, sunbathing, hiking, kayaking, dolphin watching, Āyurvedic massage and Pañcakarma. Local ceremonies exhibit an integral system and culture that has been well-preserved. We also arrange excursions to nearby Gokarna—a famous Shaivite pilgrimage site, and Hampi—a striking UNESCO World Heritage Site with hundreds of temples of a previous civilization. For those who enjoy a more social setting, Turtle Beach is just twenty-five minutes by scooter or taxi from the popular tourist center of Palolem, which offers a wide range of restaurants, frequent live music, and excellent shopping (as clothes, jewelry, instruments, and statues) from all over India.

For many people, Goa still carries a negative connotation as a party center, however, this is outdated. Goa still has the excellent climate and beautiful beaches that originally drew Westerners to come here, but parties are long banned—all loud music must stop by ten at night. The Indian government doesn't want the party or drug culture that westerners brought along in the past and enforces harsh anti-drug laws to combat it.

The Turtle Beach building, Brandon Inn, is located 200 meters from the beach and the Mata Shree building is set in the middle of rice paddies and is only a 4 minute walk from the beach. Rooms are not shared; they are large and comfortable with balconies, unlimited wireless Internet, and private or semi-private bathrooms. We also offer ample home-cooked meals prepared by our chefs. Shri Kali Ashram is family friendly. If you are travelling with children, we can arrange for a nanny during classes. The cost of our full-time (8 hour) nanny service is $110 US a month.

Galgibaga is located 45 km south of Margao (sometimes spelled Madgaon). You can fly domestically to the Vasco-da-Gama Airport in Dabolim (25 km north of Margao) from any major airport in India. If you're flying internationally into Mumbai, we recommend that you take a connecting local flight to Vasco-da-Gama Airport and pre-order a taxi with us to collect you. Please email us a photograph of yourself with your application form (located in enroll now link) if you require a taxi. The cost is 1500-1800 Rps. You can also get to Margao by train or bus. From there it is a 2 hour local bus, train or taxi ride to Galgibaga.

The nearest bus and train stations to Galgibaga are in the town of Canacona / Chaudi, 8 km away from the ashram. Buses and trains coming from the south or east will often stop there. Auto-rickshaw and public buses connect Canacona with Galgibaga.

Journeys to Galgibaga (via Margao or Canacona) by train or bus from:

  • Bangalore: 12 hours (usually overnight) (550 km)
  • Mumbai (Bombay): 12 hours (usually overnight) (550 km) see Konkan railway
  • Chennai (Madras): 20 hours (1000 km)
  • Delhi: 25-30 hours (2000 km)

Feel free to contact us for more specific directions from your point of origin.