I spent the early part of my years working as a nurse, briefly as a journalist and as a visual artist.  In 2004 I began my life teaching traditional Tantra and in 2013 I founded the BSCI Body Structural Consciousness Integration.  I spent 2010-2011 studying with Bhagavan at Shri Kali Ashram.  In 2014 I completed my Doctoral Thesis in Philosophy, Science of Art and Culture in the field of Human/Cosmos; the Tradition of Tantrism and the philosophy and experience of observing the observed by the observer.

My experience in India along with my Shri Kali training, was one of the main parts in my tantric life. Today, I currently teach Tantrism in Vienna.  The Tantric Yoga in Shri Kali is one of the most holistic ways of being or in Sanskrit "sat".  The whole training was reminiscent of the tantric saying, "sarvat sarvatmakam" -" every part contains the whole of reality".  My experience at Shri Kali gave me the true understanding of what that really means. Tantrism is the most beautiful philosophy and practice to live a life of real love and total presence.  It gives me the tools for freedom in life.