In the UK I studied business, financial planning in Canada and Strategies in Russia.  I was working as a broadcaster in mass media; had a career as a Marketing Director and my own e-shop for a number of years.

I have now practiced yoga for about 10 years and thanks to my Shri Kali experience and many hours spent with Bhagavan, I realized that the only right thing to do is to be brave enough to live my life from my truest vision.  Shortly after coming back from Shri Kali, I moved to the opposite side of the globe, Costa Rica.

Now, I really live my life through the enjoyment of nature; giving yoga sessions and helping to inspire people from all over the world to appreciate time in this paradise or to even consider relocating here. I see yoga not only as an everyday practice but as a way to celebrate life and through sharing, thank you to my teachers - Bhagavan, Kristina, and Whitney.