FB Casa Sala Kiliku

FB Durga's Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Shamanism 

Originally I intended to stay at Shri Kali Ashram for 4 weeks, but instead stayed for 4 months.  I am a German filmmaker who has been practicing Tantra with my partner for 22 years.  Shri Kali Ashram is a place where you can grow into a Tantric lifestyle. The Yogis and Yoginis are treated like grown up seekers, so I was not overloaded with unnecessary rules, which is, for me, important.  For western seekers, the Asian way of teaching is a revolution: focusing on the self-discovery of your own "perfect" asana from within, without anybody forcing you into the perfect posture from an outside point of view.  "Trust your body intelligence", "Be gentle with yourself" and "Relax" are some of the key expressions I remember from Bhagavan’s asana classes. I also enjoyed classes with Ericardo “Ricky” and Alex and the competent teacher team of Shri Kali Ashram.

Working in close contact with Bhagavan Sha Ji and Ma Kristina, I felt inspired to create my own yoga shool close to Quito, Ecuador in the Andes of Latin America: Durga´s Tiger School of Yoga Tantra Shamanism, where one can participate in  teacher trainings of 200, 300 and 500 hours. We just finished our 5th Teacher Training with students from all over the world.