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500hr YTTC



Book 2 of Patañjali Yoga Sūtras

अनित्याशुचिदुःखानात्मसु नित्यशुचिसुखात्मख्यातिरविद्या ॥५॥
anityā-aśuci-duḥkha-anātmasu nitya-śuci-sukha-ātmakhyātir-avidyā||5||

-Lack of knowledge is to perceive the non-eternal, impure, painful, and non-self as
the eternal, pure, blissful, and true self-

Our 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course cultures one to be an independent teacher that has a strong personal practice with a detailed understanding of āsana, psychology and sociology and the seeds of one's conditioning in order to understand oneself and others. The study of metaphysics will allow you to understand the self in relation to the cosmos, and to inspire others to live a yogic lifestyle.

Our All-Inclusive package is complete:

  • Yoga Alliance® 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher™ qualification

  • Daily dosha balancing āsana practice

  • Twice weekly prāṇāyāma, bandhas and vyāyāma (supportive practice) yoga classes

  • Daily Āyurvedic walking massage instruction and guided practice (receiving and giving)- one hour a day

  • Weekly evening Puja /goddess consecration (tantric mantras, mudrās, offerings and meditation

  • Twice weekly evening Sanskrit: kirtan/chanting with Sanskrit translation 

  • and introduction to Sanskrit language

  • Three lectures a week covering psychology and sociology for teachers to understand their students and also understand their own personal growth in relevance to Tantra Yoga; spiritual cultures of the world; the modern understanding of tantra/yoga and the traditional tantric/yogic philosophy (Trika, kuṇḍalinī, etc.), lifestyle and ethics, āsana theory, anatomy and physiology, and teaching methodology

  • 4 weeks intensive study including 2 weeks practicum in the mornings

  • Three vegetarian meals a day based on Ayurvedic/Siddha principles

  • Accommodation (for singles & doubles - couples and friends)

Later Event: November 1
200hr YTTC