I've caught myself many times thinking " wow, thats it, thats definitely my favorite part of the course ". Definitely beach exercise,  definitely sanskrit, definitely lectures, definitely asanas, definitely puja... Until I realized I don't leave anything out! Can you imagine studying at school where you enjoy and cherish every moment? For me, who most of the time during eleven years of school,  five years in uni, didn't have a clue WHY we are being taught those subjects, what the heck I'm gonna do with the knowledge of sinuses and cosinuses at age 15? How I will understand all of this when I don't understand myself, when I don't understand my parents and we speak "different" languages at home. Even if we say that everything in life comes at the right moment, I wished I was studying at Shri Kali 20 years ago and getting all this knowledge and love for studies back then. But I am so glad I found it. Had very deep experience during my stay at the ashram. Very grateful to Bhagavan and Ma Kristina for making it happen, to Whitney for making me understand most important things in life, to Julian for divine fridays and essence of Puja, to Ian for teaching one of my favorite massage techniques, the most existing anatomy lectures, his drawings and for making it so simple. To Tomoko and Jeana for very floppy asana sessions. To Reena and her crew for delicious life and gained kilos. To all the students at the ashram being together on this journey.   P.S. To all those, including myself, who are afraid that will get back to old unhealthy patterns and won't be able to continue with they studies after leaving the ashram, I am happy to tell that I am sitting on this beautiful beach of Mediterranean island,  reading Divine Initiation for the second time, just finished my 90 min tri dosha balancing series,  chant Shri Guru Gita before I sleep and all this goes so well with with the Greek Salad, red wine and local lifestyle.