I  have arrived at Shri Kali at the beginning of March 2014, intending to stay for one month only. After one month, I have decided to stay on for another 2 months and complete the 500 hours teacher training qualification.

I have found this to be a greatly beneficial, wholesome system that helped me understand myself . I have effortlessly quit smoking, by naturally seeing how it affected me. I have become more aware of myself and other people around me. I have stopped fearing life. This system has helped me to see my true potential and live my life to the fullest. I am forever grateful to the school for providing me with such a wholesome system that I can take home and share with others. The more people get to know this system, the better, as they will get to know themselves. I will be returning to the school to learn more. I see it as a life-long study. This course is an all-round, self-sustainable and self-sufficient program that brings the best out of the students and lets them see their true potential.

Happiness and freedom are the fruits of knowledge.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.