I was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1986. Shortly after my delivery into this world, I had an accident.  For the next few weeks doctors were giving me only 5% chance to survive. Because of this accident, I had some neurological and hip problems - finally when I was 13 years old I had a hip surgery. In my past, I was not a very active person but when I was 20 years old, because of my friend, I started to go for aqua aerobics, fitness workouts, swimming classes, climbing, spinning.  I felt good by doing sports, had lots of energy, but when I was doing too much exercise, I had pain in my hip. In not even 2 years, I became a fitness instructor, I started to learn more about body & mind classes and one day, I decided to go for a yoga class. That was Ashtanga Vinyasa and I had no idea I could sweat so much. I felt so alive, that after my4th class, somehow I knew that yoga was exactly what I wanted in my life. I went to India for the first time and I had been learning yoga and Kashmir Shaivism philosophy before that.  For many years I was learning Buddhism and that was the best I knew but at the same time I felt that there was something missing in Buddhism.  In India and Kashimr Shaivism philosophy, everything started to feel complete. I came to India once more after 2 years and I went to two other yoga schools and at the end, to the Shri Kali Ashram. At the beginning I didn't understand and agree with many things there, but the more I learned, the more I knew that this was the right path for me. Everything became complete, became the Whole. 

That first time I went to India a few years ago I was learning a different yoga style but with the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. Once I came back to my home country, Poland, I started to look for more about this system, and that's how I found Shri Kali Ashram.  I remember I wrote to Ma Kristina that I just came back from India but that I saw the webpage of the school and I would come as soon as I get money for it.  However, before I went there, I visited 3 other yoga schools in India: first one was too strict, second was like a yoga fight, and third one, I left with tears in my eyes. I was pretty upset and scared when I finally came to Shri Kali Ashram. It was only after my first Tantra yoga class that I felt peace. After one week, I felt that I was coming back to myself and was feeling good. Walking massage, Tantra yoga and the best ever lectures were all I needed. After a short time, I forgot why I had come there, I just simply was there. I remember Bhagavan told me once, “If you want to stay in your room - stay in your room. If you want to sit down under the room and read a book - sit down and read. If you want to do yoga - join the yoga class. And if you want to climb on the palm tree - go and climb.” And for me this is Shri Kali. You can learn on your own way, you can be yourself and be free - and nobody will push you to do anything.

When I came back home and back to teaching, my students saw a big difference in me and in the yoga I now teach. Some of them said they were waiting for this yoga, as the modern yoga they knew was always too fast / too slow / too hard / too easy but Tantra yoga was exactly perfect. Other people needed some time to like it, but they did and even now that I have moved to India, they ask me when will I come back and teach Tantra yoga.  I also love to teach Tantra - for me it is always a deep and amazing experience! 

Today, Tantra yoga is the only thing I practice and Shri Kali Ashram is the only yoga place I want to come back to every year.