I received my yoga teacher’s certification from the Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India in 2011.  I have since been practicing and teaching Tantra Yoga in Beirut and wherever I go in my travels around the world. I have been teaching children and adults of various ages, and I enjoy teaching yoga in creative ways.  I am  also a musician who plays drums and rhythm; I explore sound therapy, and I use music during my classes to guide. I also hold a Masters Level Certificate in Reiki. I studied Graphic Design in LAU, Beirut, and I enjoy photography, and love to travel.

I was there right in the middle of the transition from the old ashram to the new location, and saw all the transition!  I see how it has moved forward and grown with the many pictures I have seen on facebook! It is really impressive.  I have also sent one of my students there recently, and she had the time of her life… OF COURSE :D.  I would just like to share that I have missed this family very much, and all the great energy of the space, the people, and the teaching!

 Since coming to Shri Kali, I have fallen even deeper in love with Yoga, in general, and in this particular series too. It was exactly what I was looking for, a tool and a guide that helped me go deeper into my inner world, and allowed me to expand my consciousness on many levels. I have been teaching since then, and have received a lot of students from all ages during my time in Lebanon.  I continue to be the student while I teach, as my students, both private and public sessions, taught me a lot about the body, the mind, and how everyone needs a particular tool for themselves, allowing them to connect deeper to who they truly are inside. Some students needed a faster paced series, because of the commercial notion out there, that if you sweat, it means you are doing something, while if you're just laying down in Savasana, you're just wasting your time and money. Those that connected instantly to this series however, came up to me and asked for more, and continued to show up to the classes and bring their friends, saying things to me like I have been searching for this tool for a while now, and it has helped me a lot to connect deeper with myself, love myself, and accept everything about my inner and outer world. Some students would ask me for privates and still attend the public classes, as they wanted more and more of this series and of my energy that they found very positive, loving and caring for their emotional, mental, and physical needs. Some students also traveled to India to enroll for themselves in the ashram and go deeper in their practice because they fell in love with this traditional style. I have enjoyed every single class I have given and I usually prepare my space , set and setting, to make sure those who are present, are being taken care of energetically and not only physically.

I am currently traveling, following my dreams and passion, which is the Djembe, a West African drum, and I am looking to move to Mexico. I have taught a few workshops in my travels, but now need to learn Spanish so that I can continue teaching, hopefully in my new home and spaces I find along the way.  I also held workshops In Peru, and the US, of Tantra Yoga.  I continue my endless research of Tantra, Yoga, and spiritual practices always, as my soul flourishes on this energy, and I feel so good while I am doing so.  I miss the family in the Ashram so much, and I look forward to going back one day to go deeper in the practice!