Hi, I'm Marietta.

I currently teach Kaula Tantra Yoga in Bath Spa, UK. Spending 4 months at Shri Kali was like remembering the ancient echo of teachings received a long long time ago. It was remembering to dissolve into a delicious fearless space. It was like diving into love as wide as the ocean again, even if just for a moment. I remember moving through difficulty without getting stuck for too long - like the warm wind gently blowing through my hair during moped rides. I remember tracing Sanskrit letters into the sand, and I remember flowing upwards into the freedom of Chakrãsana. I remember laughing together, and the dawning of understanding while reading Tantric texts. I remember sitting with my teachers, Shan & Kris, and how my heart was beating. And I remember meeting you beautiful people there. Aham Devi…

Shri Kali has helped me find my path again. I'm so looking forward to returning :-)

xxx Marietta