“The first time I came, I came for only ten days and I felt it was such a very magical place. When I am came back here it felt like returning home. I just feel so relaxed. I don’t even miss anyone from home when I am here (laughter).  I feel happy here. 

However, there are a lot of ups and downs with the inner work. I see the difference in how I was communicating at home versus here, because I am aware of so much more here. I am more aware of my feelings and how I communicate with others, the words that I am using and the games that I was playing before. Also, the yoga makes me more relaxed not just on the mat but also in general life.  I am still struggling with my thoughts.  I think too much.  That I am still working on.

Of course I would recommend Shri Kali to others! It is good for building yourself and exploring who you really are. Sometimes it is hard and you don’t want to face yourself, you want to leave the ashram, but this makes you stronger for the world outside of Shri Kali. This creates stability in who you are, and you begin to know who you are.

I love the unstructured environment here because I also have to learn about being more flexible. Just to be in the flow is really good.

The lectures with Whitney are my favorite. All the time I am hearing something new and even though I hear each lecture again each month, I still enjoy them. I even started to really enjoy Sanskrit and as I build words it gets more interesting.  At first, for the first few classes it was difficult to get so I was bored but when I hung in there, it became really interesting. 

Before I came I didn’t really have a picture of what Tantra was about and as far as yoga goes, I have only done this system of yoga and I can just feel even though it is the only one I have done, that it is my system. I like that it has the relaxation and meditation aspects. I learn to just relax through this system and I don’t feel like I have to be any ‘better’ than I naturally am. I just relax and be me!

I really love the conversations that I get in to here with people from all around the world. Almost every day I have some little conversation where I think, that really made my day! I love to hear other people’s experiences about being here.  I love the weather and the nature in Galgibaga. I love the whole place! I love that we become aware of the fact that we don’t need so much stuff here, like a big car or a TV, or a lot of money.  Life is simple here at Shri Kali.  I will take this lesson back home with me. I will definitely be back!”

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