I have for several years been practicing, studying and looking into different kinds of yoga, meditation and tantra, as I felt life was about more than what I had experienced so far.

Looking into these different practices has helped me, but there has until now always been something missing. No matter what I did, and how much I did it, there was still something underlying missing. After having studied tantra for a couple of years in Denmark, I saw there was something beautiful in the philosophy, but at the same time I had the feeling that there was a lot of misunderstandings about tantra and that there were some deeper perspectives missing from the tantra I encountered in Europe.

So in 2013 I started looking for a school that could give me a traditional perspective on tantra and yoga to see, if that could give me the answers I was looking for. In the search I came across Shri Kali, and decided to leave my job as communication officer to go there and see what it was about.

Initially, I signed up for a 3 months course. I quickly realized that many things there were different than what I had seen before. At first that was a challenge to me, as I wanted to make sure that what I was learning was worth taking in. But at the same time, I came there to get a different perspective, so I decided to look into the teachings and give it a chance. I quickly realized how much sense it made to me, and that it had something very unique and beautiful to offer, so I decided to prolong my stay to learn more.

During my stay, I have started to get a completely new way of looking at myself, other people and the world. For me it is amazing how the practices and the studying of the texts complement each other, and the effects this has. It has been amazing to learn about the traditional texts and understandings of myself, other beings and the universe from someone that has this unique knowledge. To go deep into the philosophy, but with a focus on integration has been an eye opener for me.

One of the many things I really appreciate is that the practice and philosophy encourages grounding and balance. It in no way encourages you to escape from this reality or from this world and does not encourage you to isolate yourself - on the contrary. It is very much about living your life to the fullest - but in this reality. Furthermore, I am like many other people often competitive - especially as I have been a competitive martial artist for many years. This competitiveness has often controlled me and taken over, so I constantly had to be the best, constantly comparing myself to others, and being dependent on recognition from someone else. I have been aware of this for many years and have worked on it a lot to let it go, as I saw that the feeling of being good enough would never be solid, if it had to come from the outside. However, of all the things I have tried there was always something missing in this regard.

Through this system, I have started to see it in a different way and realize things about myself I have not seen before. It is for example the first time I have tried asanas that are truly non-competitive, and doing asanas like this has been amazing. Combined with the studying and the other practices we do, it has helped me to realize more and more who I truly am, why I am here in this world, and it is building an underlying strong foundation from where I can live my life to the fullest, but with grounding and balance - and for me that is what true freedom and happiness is about.