Otto is a Finnish philosopher and a student in the Kaula system, currently residing and teaching yoga in Helsinki, Finland. He has a master’s degree in social sciences from University of Helsinki.

He is one of the teachers of the Ka Shakti Jooga. a traditional yoga school based in Helsinki, Finland founded by a Shri Kali student. It is strongly rooted in the Kaula system taught in Shri Kali Ashram and the teachers have received long-term training at Shri Kali Ashram.

The classes at Ka Shakti Jooga are based on the balancing tri-dosha series that has been the source of wellbeing for thousands of years in the Shaiva-Shakta culture. Ka Shakti Jooga understands the traditional science behind yoga as well as the modern point of view of the human body. Our courses do not limit yoga to its physical side. In the more advanced courses we also offer the possibility to dive deeper into the Vedic science.