The time at Shri Kali Ashram was very important to reforce at me that the study of the Yoga and Tantra Philosophy need a big priority in the life like the to work or care my family.

It´s demostrate also how complex is Tantra Tradition and the Yoga science. In my 200 hours course I had time to enjoy the present moment and also make plans to continue my journey. It´s was my secont Teacher Training Course and what I learn at Shri Kali, complement what I knew before, expand my horizons to what more I need learn.

Now my looking for knowledge because all come at your time, just relax, do what I need to do in the daily and take it easy is in my mind all the time, nothing is better as be patience with yourself. This principles are for me also applicable in my daily yoga practice, in the asanas, bandhas, pranayama, mudras or meditation, it ´s for me important take the time for each part, to be on each part, to stay with my self all the time.

This is the way I want to walk, my self way, quite with my self.