“My experience here at Shri Kali has been wonderful, both times that I have been here. Last time it was really about the yoga and experimenting with the āsana practice. This was wonderful for me… something very new and very transformative. From the first day it was amazing!

Then I came back to Paris where I experimented with teaching this system and it was very easy.  After three months of big and nice energy, I felt I got a little bit away from myself and that I needed to come back.

This time for me it has been a bit like a mountain of energy. At the beginning it was very challenging because of my difficulty in interacting with people. There were also a lot of people here so I was a little bit surprised. It was not the same thing I was finding the first time, but little by little, I felt clean inside… clean in my body, clean in my fears, clean in my bad ways of thinking.  Yes… I think this system might be very long in its scope and I know it is very deep but it is really good. I am sure that the things we do here at Shri Kali will change my life… I am sure of that. But now I have to be patient and I want to come here again and again, experiment, read, practice and share with people. It is so whole, this system.

Originally I came to Shri Kali when the ashram was in Malaysia for the monsoon and at first for the yoga, this sort of healing, soft yoga. I was looking for something very soft after a lot of pain I received from years of Vinyasa yoga. It was very painful and I wanted to find something to take care of me in a different way. I think I found it here. This was my first expectation. 

Now I feel very much at peace within myself, which was not the case before I started. Before, I was thinking about a lot of things. Whitney helped me make a big decision when I was in Malaysia and between the yoga and the conversations I had with the teachers here, I was able to make a very good decision. I think, little by little, for all of the different perspectives of my life, that this system helped me. Now I can think more clearly about where I want to go and what I need to do. I feel clean… in peace… but in my own way, I know I still have a lot to learn.

I would recommend this school because this system has really changed my life. I really want to share that. I want to come here with my children and my friends and I want to share it with my students in Paris because many people need to understand life.

I am not so structured so the more organic [non-linear] approach of the school works great for me.

Whitney’s lectures are my favorite thing to study, all of them, and I think I could hear them a thousand times, especially because of my English. I also study Sanskrit and I would like to do more of it because of the link between studying Sanskrit and the neuro-plasticity of our minds. I would also love to study even more about ahamkāra/identity.

My idea on yoga has changed because it used to be more about strength and muscular contraction and now it is more about being really relaxed. Now the best moment of the āsana for me is śavāsana and exploring my breath. After the āsana, my breath and my heart are really pumping and now just after the second held breath in the āsana, I know how to be quiet. In this state of being nowhere but just aware, I really love that.”