Always being fascinated by nature, I now find myself as a professor of geology at the University of Tübingen/Germany.

Having followed a Hatha yoga teacher training before in Germany and giving seminars on stress management and yoga, I wanted to progress and learn about traditional yoga. So I went to the Shri Kali Ashram. And yes, what I found there was authentic, traditional yoga, but much more than that. Much more than I dared to expect !

What a fantastic, complete system for self-development and transformation, integrating body, mind and soul!

Answers to fundamental questions about existence and the purpose of life. An awesome, mind-boggling, truly life-changing experience ! Embedded in a lively community of wonderful people, a very special atmosphere and a beautiful natural setting.

I have changed my yoga class at the university to the Shri Kali system and started to teach this type of yoga also in public courses, with great enthusiasm and feelings of deep fulfillment. Many aspects of my life develop into an exiting state of flow. Sure I will be back at Shri Kali and I am very grateful for this unique opportunity to continue to study and discover......