I grew up in rural Wyoming amidst the mountains, glacier lakes, granite rock and sage! An amazing place to grow up where I could play and run free in land that was wild! I have 3 siblings, parents and stepparents- a large and loving family! I went to school in Bozeman MT, where I studied Elementary education and health promotion.  I eventually dropped out of school to find my path in the world. I found myself in Seattle, struggling, learning and growing to find my way! My first yoga class in Seattle was all it took for me to return to myself. I knew that day I was meant to teach yoga. My sister Katherine encouraged me to join her at Shri Kali and so I did! Now I am teaching in Seattle and when I am not teaching I am rock climbing, hiking, camping, reading, sleeping, eating and soaking up life!

My experience at Shri Kali was profound. I arrived with virtually no information or background on the system but that ended up being the best asset to me because I had no pre-conceived conceptions or expectations to base my studies off of as I learned the science of Tantra. The science and asanas taught at Shri Kali have encouraged me to operate at a higher potential, not only physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This system requires honesty, trust and love both for yourself and for humanity to integrate into reality. I left Shri Kali balanced and knowing that teaching this system was my path. So I continue to practice, learn and teach every aspect of this sacred tradition while living in Seattle. I have an outstanding community of students and teachers that support my work here in Seattle! This system has touched many of my students in the same way it touched me so we share in each other’s growth. I plan to return to Shri Kali as often as possible and I hope to study as a long term student. To get to know Sabine please go to her story with Shri Kali.