The 6 month course includes a Yoga Alliance® USA 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher™ qualification, as long as you complete the required hours.

The long-term study is an individualized program according to your specific focus with guidance and instruction by the Guru.

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For 1 person:

$6,040 USD (plus 3.9% Pay-Pal tax)
- course fee $3,700
- food $1,170
- accommodation $1,170

For 2 people (shared room):

$5,290 USD (plus 3.9% Pay-Pal tax)
- course fee $3,250

- food $1,170
- accommodation $870
*The prices above are per/person*
Total for 2 people $10,580 USD


For 2 people (separate rooms):

$5,740 USD (plus 3.9% Pay-Pal tax)
- course fee $3,400

- food $1,170
- accommodation $1,170
These prices are per/person, rate is applicable when booked as a group, minimum 2 people*
Total for 2 people $11,480 USD

*A/C rooms are limited upon availability rates are:
$300 US for single room per month

$375 US for double room per month
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 Temple in Hampi, India. 

Temple in Hampi, India. 

6 Month Tantra Yoga Course:

As students go deeper into the study of Tantra at Shri Kali Ashram, the system unfolds itself to them in ever-increasing insights. This is similar to the āsana practice where one’s progression produces greater and more profound results as one learns to drop the unessential that holds us from expressing. As such, a longer course of study is recommended.

We have structured our long-term courses to cater to individual timeframes, as we realize that it is difficult to commit to long periods of time for study. You can join the long-term courses at any time. For those aspiring to be tantric teachers or adopt the tantric lifestyle, we recommend a minimum of six months intensive study. This timeframe allows one to truly immerse oneself in the system, allowing time to fully relax, integrate and appreciate the intricacies of the teachings. Effort is placed to enhance yourself as a wholesome human being by taking new information and using it to overcome the limited or finite idea of self-hood  As the body and mind are brought into harmony, the student is able to move past limitations into a full and meaningful life.

In order to overcome ignorance and illusion, new knowledge must be integrated deeply into the self. This process allows the student to build personal strength, responsibility and accountability, which enables them to achieve both opulence and freedom in life. This allows psycho-social integration. It also produces excellent yoga facilitators. Over the course of six months you will gain an in-depth understanding of āsanas, prāṇāyāma, and bandhas. In the long-term programs, you can explore many topics within the spiritual sciences including: Shaiva-Shakta philosophy, Shaiva-Shakta Tantra with authentic mantric and yantric ritual meditation (in the Trika or Kashmiri Shaivism and Vaishnava systems), chakras and the science of kuṇḍalinī and sexual control (average learning time of a year), left-hand and right-hand Tantras, advanced Sanskrit, and a deeper understanding of the Āyurvedic Walking Massage, marma point and nāḍi system.

Testimonials from 6 Month Long-Term Students



 Marietta Birkholtz “I currently teach Kaula Tantra Yoga in Bath Spa, UK. Staying long-term at Shri Kali was like remembering the ancient echo of teachings received a long long time ago. It was remembering to dissolve into a delicious fearless space. It was like diving into love as wide as the ocean again, even if just for a moment. I remember moving through difficulty without getting stuck for too long - like the warm wind gently blowing through my hair during moped rides. I remember tracing Sanskrit letters into the sand, and I remember flowing upwards into the freedom of Chakrāsana. I remember laughing together, and the dawning of understanding while reading Tantric texts. I remember sitting with my teachers, Bhagavan and Ma Kristina, and how my heart was beating. And I remember meeting beautiful people there. Aham Devi…Shri Kali has helped me find my path again."


Mikael Kjærsgaard Møller "I have for several years been practicing, studying and looking into different kinds of yoga, meditation and tantra, as I felt life was about more than what I had experienced so far.

Looking into these different practices has helped me, but there has until now always been something missing. No matter what I did, and how much I did it, there was still something underlying missing. After having studied tantra for a couple of years in Denmark, I saw there was something beautiful in the philosophy, but at the same time I had the feeling that there was a lot of misunderstandings about tantra and that there were some deeper perspectives missing from the tantra I encountered in Europe.

So in 2013 I started looking for a school that could give me a traditional perspective on tantra and yoga to see, if that could give me the answers I was looking for. In the search I came across Shri Kali, and decided to leave my job as communication officer to go there and see what it was about… read more."