आयुर्वेद Āyurveda

 Āyurveda is a holistic medicinal system and an organic approach to personal health. In contemporary times, Āyurveda is seen as an alternative medicine system with no supporting evidence of it's efficacy, when in fact, it is a complex science based in very precise principles. The  diagnostic as well as treatment modalities are similar to other ancient systems including Siddha, Unani,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kampo (Traditional Japanese Medicine) and Traditional Thai Medicine. For example, taking the pulse at the wrist, an Āyurvedic doctor can determine the balance/imbalance of prāa, hormones, and organ systems. 

Detailed and precise knowledge of the human body is vital to the mastery of Yoga. Only with the knowledge of Āyurveda (or traditional medicine systems), can Yoga be understood as an organic life science. Without this understanding, one will approach Yoga as an exercise program developing flexibility and strength rather than focusing on wholesome integration.

The integration of Āyurveda, Yoga and Tantra provides an organic and wholesome life culture.  These precise sciences can be understood by attentively studying the Vedas. The unfortunate, fragmented outlook (see Dr. Fritjof Capra,Tao of PhysicsTurning Point) that has become our current worldview can be overcome with the study and application of the Vedic science. Vedism is in fact an ancient science that belongs to all humanity, as fossils and linguistic traces reveal (see Divine Initiation). The Vedic science encompasses the study of Āyurveda, Yoga, Tantra, and Āgamas. According to the Vedic outlook, an organic, wholesome life experience naturally involves us with Spirituality. The straying away from Spirituality causes a dichotomized mind state (mind and matter) that manifests as a limited experience of life and therefore makes us objectify people and the environment. With this worldview, our expression of life is restricted. The embracing of a Spiritual science remedies this deviation from true humanity. Spirituality therefore allows us to experience life wholly. This centering also allows us to develop our potential as human beings and shift our perspectives in order to truly live. Spiritual centering redefines our value base that, if left undefined, can manifest as psychological uncertainties.