Marietta practises and teaches the Kaula System in Bath, UK. She also helps people change job or career to find their true Vocation and become who they really are. She previously trained in Occupational Therapy, Polarity Bodywork and Tantra Meditation.  She currently teaches Kaula Tantra Yoga in Bath Spa, UK. To get to know Marietta please go to her story with Shri Kali.





Marcela is from Colombia. She is currently residing and teaching yoga in London. Marcela came to Shri Kali to learn how to share love and she is doing that every day as a teacher and as human being. To get to know Marcela please go to her story with Shri Kali.

Vikki is a long-term student of Bhagavan’s and just recently returned to Shri Kali after 2-3 years back in Glasgow teaching yoga and working as a nurse. After a lifetime of her questions on existence only creating more questions, she found Shri Kali and finally received answers to these questions and has ever since been filling in the gaps. She returns to Glasgow with inspiration and determination to craft a life, even more suited to her inner desires. She will continue to teach this āsana system and will be bringing Thai Massage to Glasgow as well.
To get to know Vikki please goto her story with Shri Kali.